4 Processing Lighting System Best Design At Home

4 Processing Lighting System Best Design At Home

A room with a good interior design will not be complete if the lighting system is not right, because the lighting plays an important role for the creation of a comfortable atmosphere and can bring the character of your home.
Currently lighting design has become a necessity in the home to support the success of interior design. In lighting design we know layering to distinguish different types of lighting systems. How to distinguish it? Here are brief tips to distinguish lighting systems that can be used in your home.

Processing Lighting System At Home

1. General Lighting

General Lighting is a lighting system that becomes the main source of lighting, the effect of the resulting light beam spread and evenly throughout the room. Common example that we often encounter is by placing a light in the middle of the room or 4 point lights symmetrically in accordance with the form of the room.

2. Task Lighting

Task Lighting is a lighting system that serves as a light for certain activities, requiring enough light, no glare and comfortable for eye level. For example writing, reading, cooking etc. In the study room can be a reading lamp or chandelier that is right on the table.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a lighting system that works to create dramatic effects on the room, and helps reinforce the interior details you want displayed. The use of wall washer or adjustable light can make art work, painting or other artwork becomes more beautiful.

4. Decorative Lighting

As the name implies, this lighting system serves as a room decor or aesthetics, placement can be adjusted with your room. Decorative lighting can use hanging lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and table lamp.

With the right lighting system settings, can create a comfortable ambience and build aesthetics in the room. It also can build the atmosphere in a room becomes more beautiful.


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