House Beautiful: Modern and Classic Design Ideas From New Orleans Interior

House Beautiful: Modern and Classic Design Ideas From New Orleans Interior

Streams Spencer: From the get-go, I knew the rooms would be exemplary New Orleans, yet with a new, present day bowed. They are rich and clean, with loads of warm-toned wood collectibles and present day craftsmanship, and they’re pared down nearly to the point of inadequacy. It’s my mark look, and it works unfathomably well for this home and these customers. A youthful couple with two preschoolers and a child in transit, they’re just the third proprietors of the property, an around 1905 Colonial Revival they revamped start to finish. The Southern-style refinement is unmistakable — and unavoidable, on the grounds that I’m from Jackson, Mississippi, and it’s in my DNA — yet this puts a cooler turn on it.

This Designer Puts a Modern Spin on Classic New Orleans Interior

Disclose to me how you initially met the customers.

The spouse came into my Magazine Street store [Rivers Spencer Interiors], a twofold shotgun house with 11 rooms. It’s brightened like a genuine New Orleans home — it feels as though you’re strolling through a genuine lounge area set for a formal supper, a room with a wonderfully dressed bed, and a front room with a chimney. She glanced around and stated, “Do this to my home.” The entire procedure was consistent in light of the fact that I was recreating what I do in my shop.

From fabric window ornaments to quartz lights, you truly bring the style!

And furthermore the surface, which was so vital to this extend. With the insignificant shading palette and streamlined furniture, it would have felt level if there weren’t something material going on. That is the reason I layered in pieced-cowhide floor coverings, a sparkling Biedermeier table, raised-silk pads, and mirror after mirror — overlaid, cut, trumeau. My most loved is the antique Parisian pareclose in the anteroom. Scratched with shrub leaves and finished with a cartouche of cut fowls, it’s the priciest mirror I’ve ever bought. I got it to use in the store, however when this mortgage holder saw it, she couldn’t live without it.


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