Tips on Choosing Quality Materials (Wood, Sand, Cement, Red Brick, Iron Concrete) For Your Home

Tips on Choosing Quality Materials (Wood, Sand, Cement, Red Brick, Iron Concrete) For Your Home

Tips on Choosing Quality Materials (Wood, Sand, Cement, Red Brick, Iron Concrete) For Your Home

One important part of the house is the material used. But in reality we often face today consumers are consumers who do not understand the quality of materials to be used. Often people will come directly to the building materials shop and buy meterial without recognizing the characteristics of the material

In addition to choosing materials of course many other factors, such as climate factors, temperature, humidity, and soil conditions to be built.

Here are some tips for choosing materials

quality sand material
quality sand material


sand is a fine aggregate with a grain size of 0.15 mm to 5 mm. The sand character suitable for casting is concrete sand which has a small amount of mud content. Generally derived from the crater of the mountain or from the river. It is also suitable for plastering work and tile installation work.

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Red brick

Red brick wall is a material that is widely used in the construction of a house. Good red bricks are visible from dark brown textures and are not easily brittle. Try to choose a uniform brick size.

Each area usually does not always use red bricks, some also use white chalk or just use wooden walls, bamboo, or other types of areas adjusted.

best cement quality 2018
best cement quality 2018


Cement is a very important building material because of Besides Sand, Red Bricks, Stone times, coral, and others

cement is Material Manufacturing which is one of the main components for the work of concrete structures and work of wall pairs, plastering, acian, Ceramic Installation Etc.(wikipedia)


Cement itself has 4 main elements, namely:

Limestone (Cao) as the main source, which is fouled by SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3
Clay containing SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3 compounds
Quartz sand / silica rock (added when on clay contains little SiO2)
iron sand (added when the clay contains little (Fe2O3)
Cement available on the market consists of various brands such as Cement Three Wheels, Semen Holcim, Semen Padang, Semen Gresik, Semen Merah Putih, Semen Batu Raja, and Semen Tonasa.

how do we choose good quality cement? To choose and buy good quality cement there are actually several factors that should be our concern, among others:

  • SNI Logo (Indonesian National Standard)
  • Package Not Damaged
  • Not too long kept
    Ideally the maximum storage of cement for 1 month duration. This can be known by pressing the cement is still in the pack by hand, If it still feels soft and soft means the quality is still good, but if it feels hard then the cement has been stored so long that the quality has been reduced.

Does not clot and look rough
Good quality cement if held directly the grain can be decomposed and all parts do not blend and look soft as dust grain.

Viewed from the color
Ideally the color of cement is gray greenish (gray greenish).

The color is formed by the reaction of MgO, FeO, and Aluminat inside the kiln. The color of cement is strongly influenced by MgO content, the higher the MgO content the cement color becomes darker, the MgO content which is too high can cause the cement will be easy to crack when used

How to store cement must be correct
because if done indiscriminately can make the cement becomes damaged, easily harden and eventually can not be used. First is the cement must be kept in an enclosed space or minimally protected from sun and rain. In addition the floor surface should be flat and flat and not directly placed on the ground, but dialed with a board / triplex (made like a short stage). Cement stack not too high, maximum 10 sacks only for the lowest cement does not accept the load is too heavy.

best iron concrete quality 2018

Iron concrete

Iron concrete is one of the most important building materials needed to erect a building, especially for high-voltage buildings, such as high rise buildings, bridges, irrigation and road drainage. As the material of a building, of course the need of concrete becomes very vital and even required a high level of resilience. This you can get by using quality materials. Because basically between the iron of concrete one with the other concrete also has some kind of difference, which of course determines the quality of the goods. To find out which type of concrete has high quality with other standard concrete types, you can select it by doing some form of tips at the bottom of this:

chicken feet

Brand selection

One of the things you can do to find out what kind of iron from the best concrete to building materials can be seen through the brands it has. To see the brand, you can see the surface, because usually on the surface of the concrete there is a brand name it has. As with the concrete brands of Krakatau Steel, then Cakratunggal Steel, or even Master Steel. All three types of brands are included in the category of the best concrete brands that have been widely used among the people of Indonesia. These three brands are also included in the category of Indonesian National Standard (SNI), so you do not need to worry again for the quality it has.

Type of concrete

The second tip that you can apply to choose the quality concrete can be seen through the type. In general there are two types of types of iron concrete that is often used, including the type of concrete screw and plain concrete. For the bias threaded concrete it has a fin, whereas in plain concrete, it only has a slick shape with a plain surface only. For screw concrete is usually a little difficult to be formed, for example when to be bent. This relates to a fairly high stand that is different from the plain concrete that tends to be easier to shape. From that point of course you can see which type of concrete is better and have high quality to use.

best wood quality 2018
best wood quality 2018


Wood is a material that is definitely used in any home construction or as furniture that complements the entire state of the house. Therefore, when you buy wood whether in the context of buffer or furniture, you should focus on the quality of wood in perjual traded. Sometimes if you are in a hurry to decide, you will not get the desired quality of wood.
The shape and size of the good wood has a bright, fresh and prominent color, different if the wood looks somewhat dark and the shape has started to change. That kind of wood that you need to avoid. The humidity level of a wood is also worth your calculation. Grasp the wood with your hands and feel, then you will know that the wood is wet or not. The higher the moisture level of a high wood, the wood will be easy to fragile. Usually the solution to overcome this problem is to mejemurnya until the humidity level back to normal. The last one to choose a good wood that can be detected from the odor generated. Surely the smell of wood is still very distinctive and slightly stinging. This type of wood can be ascertained as a new timber by and has not been stored for long in the warehouse.
So some tips on how to choose the right wood for your home needs. May be useful.


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