How to decorate the living room with minimal budget and modern look?

How to decorate the living room with minimal budget and modern look?

Often the house requires an extra space because many families want a separate living room from the living room, while the design generally allows both spaces to be in one room or even the same space.
But the trend that can be followed by occupancy is to create an open space design by uniting the living room / family with kitchen and dining room. So it looks modern. Many designs on homify that you can directly contek or just be an inspiration, just peek our magazine! Many ideas that you can apply, without the need to add partitions, increase the space, just with decorations or other alternative solutions.

How to decorate the living room / family with minimal budget?
Similar to decorating other spaces, the budget is often a challenge to be able to decorate as you see fit. These are tips you can follow to decorate / refurn space with limited funds:

living room design elegant for millenials

1. Changing paint color:

To create the illusion of a larger room, you can change the paint to a lighter color like beige, peach or pale pink, light blue or gray.

2. Pillows

The pillows made the room feel more welcoming and comfortable. Mix together matching textile designs, patterns, textures and colors with the existing spatial arrangement. Make sure it gives a touch of its own but still harmonious.

3. Size of furniture:

If the dimensions of space are limited, this is certainly something to be really concerned about. For example a large sofa will make the room look more comfortable, but keep in mind that the selection of the sofa is something that is vital for the living room / family room. The couch is too big will take up too much space and make the room feel much narrower. In addition, it will limit your space.

Colour full living room for family and guest room 2019 trends

4. Furniture function:

Choose furniture that is multifunctional. If there are often guests staying and you do not have a guest bedroom for example, you can buy a sofa that can be pulled into a bed (sofabed). Alternatives such as folders that can be folded if not in need. For limited space creativity is very important!

5. Hanging lights:

ranging from minimalist design to chandeliers, you can choose which one is suitable for your room. Hanging lights can beautify space and create the appropriate ambiens, without taking up space for other furniture.

best living room design for relax

6. Maximize storage space

7. Avoid the number of seats that are too many:

In addition to ineffective budget, too many seats also take up too much space.

How to set the maximum lighting for the living room / family?
There are three main functions of lighting in the living room for lamp and floor tables, namely:
General lighting: diffused over a larger area
task lighting
ambient lighting.

Recessed lighting is more common in modern dwellings because it gives the impression of clean and elegant. Lighting is suitable to be applied in any room, from the terrace, bathroom to living room or family room. This lighting includes down light and indirect light on the ceiling, back light, dim light, accent light and low light. The whole area will be bright with no physical presence of light bulbs because it is hidden.

For the living room or family room the task lighting becomes something that we recommend because of the location of the space that is usually lack of natural lighting access so need a more effective artificial light source, especially because this room is also often used as a source of reading activity. This also saves energy because when the main light is turned off (general lighting) then just the task lighting is turned on.


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