Interior Design Trends 2018 UK update

Interior Design Trends 2018 UK update

Interior Design Trends 2018 UK update


Interior Design Trends 2018 UK update from independent

The truth is – and this is something I have ALWAYS preached – that trends are not what you should really be paying attention to for the main decor pieces in your home. Buy what you love year in and year out and sod off what people are telling you is in and out. And by people, I do also mean me. Choosing the large items you absolutely adore is paramount to getting a more timeless style and mixing and matching are essential for that well-pulled-together classic look that just never dates.

But. And yes, it’s a big but (ahem)…. I admit that I do love a good trend. I can’t help myself really and when I want to give a little oomph to my rooms, then sure, I’ll try out something that catches my eye. Here’s the thing – if you do love the odd trend here and there then what you should probably be concentrating on is not that big sofa or your kitchen redesign. Look at your accessories – the little bits and bobs you decorate and zhush up your home with – like cushions or trays or candles or knickknacks. In this way, the smaller bits are cheaper to replace when we suddenly find something is ‘out’ of style or the trend has gotten so far out of hand that you see your mum has the same thing you do and suddenly, you don’t mind dropping it off at the charity shop.

Look as well at your paint colours – if you are loving the newest shade then why not try it out on your walls? Painting a room takes an afternoon at best and when you tire of it, then £50 and another afternoon and it’s like it never happened. So yeah, if you want to give these trends a go then do consider doing it cheaply and easily rather than slavishly following every nuance of fashion as it happens. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
So with all that said, here are my predictions for what’s heating up and will be going out for interior trends in 2018…

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