Modern Furniture Ideas for Living Room Ideas 2018/2019

Modern Furniture Ideas for Living Room Ideas 2018/2019

Modern Furniture Ideas for Living Room Ideas 2018/2019

If one wonders what are the main style in Living room design should take a peek in the natural trade halls of imm cologne for an early year preview. And this year exhibition has one very distinctive trade there is an explosion of color – vibrant, vital and capturing, so one thing is sure this year ornament journey won’t be boring at all.

living-room-furniture-design with blue colour photo
Living room furniture design with blue colour photo

Living Room Colors and Materials

The research and exploration of color are worth a time – chairs, armchairs, sofas, and accessories. Were all offered in a wide range of color tones, strong and characteristic, as were even tables and luminaries. And the modern classics, may they be by Cassina, Ligne Roset or Thonet, are all taking the limelight again thanks to updated colors – that becomes one of the most distinctive style for this year, so let’s enjoy this classic journey.

Classic living room furniture-design ideas trend 2018
Classic living room

So, colors as a style, which raises a lot of questions – which colors, what combinations, in what range?. Well if we keep in mind that often the fashion scene paves the way for furniture design when it comes to color and texture. we can assume that in the end a single colorful piece of furniture can accentuate and spin the whole aesthetic of any space. Also notable is the influence of brands that introduce the strong and playful presence of pastel girlie room colors that quickly can become a norm.

Simple Living-Room Photo for reference Living Room-Project-Awesome-Modern 2018 2019 trend Modern Living Rooms Design-Inspiration White colour branding Modern Living Rooms white colour trends Picturer living room furniture design trends 2018 with grey colour living room furniture design green and grey colour domination

Touring the halls of Cologne one can notes the repeated presence of bright sunny, or lemon yellow as a character defining choice. But that is not the only bold and strongly present choice of the designers when it comes to color choice. Take a note of new shelf system called Mesh in red-orange by Werner Aisslinger for Piure in a burnt reddish-orange or Pad Board in a lush grass green. Green in its all vivid varieties is highly acceptable and introduced in any number of different hues including the zesty yellow-green that Pantone has made its color of the year.

Another intriguing and wort deep exploration style for 2018 / 2019 is the creation of living premise. where pine green, mustard yellow, royal blue and Bordeaux red allied to form an interior style inspired by the Vienna salons of the turn of the 20th century.


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