Introduction Interior Design Trends 2018

Wood Colour Interior Design Trends 2018

Introduction Interior Design Trends 2018

whether you’re planning an extensive renovaton, redecorating a single space or simply thinking about what you can improve in your home, planning to revamp your house is one of the most exciting things you can understake as a homeowner.

It gives you and your family an opportunity to explore your design sensibilities, create more comfortable living areas and infuses your home eith your own sense of style.

From the sleek, contemporary chic of a stripped back modern kitchen, to the playful litsch of a vintage-inspired children’s bedroom, the diversity of the interiors inthe book is encompassing. There is no limit to what a space can offer when it is decorated to suit the lifestyle and personality the person who lives within it,

With read this blog you can explore kitchen, bathroom, lounges, open plan spaces, dining rooms, bedroms and nurseries and venture outdoors to look enhancement a well designed frescoarea can be to your home. Off overlooked inclusions like study spaces, joinery and window options and home theatres are also explored.

Within these you will find interiors yhet inspire you, beautiful homes that capture your imagination, and solutions for the unique spaces within your own home. The projects within the book are all individually stunning, but have one thing in common- the make the best use of score without compromising on the homeowner’s needs. So don’t compromise. Be bold and daring and come out with a functional new space in whoch you feel truly at home.

Wood Colour Interior Design Trends 2018 Green Light Sugar Colour Interior Design Trends 2018 Yellow gradation colour Interior Design Trends 2018

Introduction Interior Design Trends 2018
Introduction Interior Design Trends 2018

Wood Colour Interior Design Trends 2018 Green Colour Interior Design Trends 2018 Green and Yellow Colours brand Interior Design Trends 2018 Natural colour Interior Design Trends 2018

Best Photo Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Diy, Special For You

1000 paper cranes handing-from-the-ceiling.-What best fluorescent light fixtures.


Best Photo Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Diy, Special For You

There are these huge, plain, and boring 24″ x 48″ fluorescent ceiling lights, right in the middle of your kitchen, your conference room, or your individualized office decor. A homeowner will always have the option to upgrade to a different lighting type, possibly spend thousands of dollars, to demolish existing lighting, wire for the new fixtures, replace the removed sheet-rock, and locate the new fixture locations. The purchase of replacement lighting fixtures will introduce you to a whole new world of options and price ranges. After all of the demolition, and installation, there remains the textured ceiling matching, most often followed by a re-texturing of the entire ceiling, just to achieve uniformity. It can be overwhelming to the DIYer, and will test many a household budget, to complete the task.

FYI, fluorescent lights, were installed in the 70’s and 80’s, in millions of homes and offices. They were an inexpensive solution to providing full lighting to drop ceiling offices. and in household spaces, that required more than a single bulb in the ceiling, to keep you from stubbing your toe on the bed corner. Today, there are tax credits for using ‘GREEN’ lighting fixtures, like fluorescent lights. GO GREEN!

There are a limited number of companies that offer solutions to making existing fluorescent ceiling lights more attractive. If you consider the type of lighting that is needed for your particular purpose, an option exists, for enhancing the esthetics of your existing fluorescent lights.

Best Photo Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Diy, Special For You.

There is a psychological benefit to using a calm, more serene depiction of nature, in medical and dental practices, etc.. Most often, these spaces utilize additional lighting, to assist with medical procedures. Public spaces, like waiting rooms, lobbies, and casinos, might utilize images like sky and clouds, or green foliage, and even ‘Tiffany’ style panels. These replacement fluorescent panels will work well in these settings.

A few things need to be considered, when deciding on an option for decorating an existing fluorescent ceiling light. Will your space suffer from a loss of light after installing a decorative panel. Will you be happy if the replacement. panel changes the color spectrum of the space to blue, or green, or brown (Tiffany). Will you appreciate the outcome, when you consider the cost, the effort to trim a rigid panel to fit your fixture, and the change made to the space, in terms of light loss and color change.

Very few options exist if you require your kitchen, office, or other work space to retain its light quality. and color spectrum. Additionally, the process required to re-size, a rigid plastic panel, will often lead to the destruction of the panel. Many will hesitate to attempt this feat, for fear of ruining the panel, and losing a fair amount of money for their purchase.

The option to decorate your existing fluorescent ceiling light, without having to replace, or resize a rigid plastic panel, is also available. A graphic overlay, reproduced on a heavy ‘Mylar’ like material, can be installed on top of your existing panel, or cover. These overlays are literally fireproof, and have an ASTM fire rating that classifies them as ‘slow to self extinguishing’. A fluorescent tube light will only heat to around 60 degrees.

These graphic overlays are inexpensive, easy to install, and will not alter the light quality or color spectrum of the room. Architectural patterns, and wrought iron designs, are available to complete your interior design theme. The low cost, and ease of installation. will reinforce your decision to retain your existing fluorescent ceiling lights, and create a sense of pride, that only a well designed interior can produce.

G. Wesley Thomas
Sugar land, Texas

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Kitchen Design Ideas, the Conceptual Heart of the Home

Kitchen Design Ideas, the Conceptual Heart of the Home

Kitchen Design Ideas, the Conceptual Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the most important functional space in a home- this is the conceptual heart of the home, a place where family congregates and guests are entertained.

The kitchen is practical, multi functional zone as well as a congregation point, whether during casual meals or more formal occasions. the success of this space can set the tone for the entire interior of house.

Kitchen Design 2018 2019 Ideas, the Conceptual Heart of the Home
Kitchen Design 2018 |

The layout of your kitchen in terms of its practically. should be at the forefront of your mind in the beginning of the design process. The concept of kitchen work triangle (a three way relationship between your fridge, stove and sink) is a design construct that ensures efficient use of space. In addition, considering the position of each of your appliances. cabinetry and branches will ensure a comfortable kitchen that you will love working in.

Appropriate surfaces are another important aspect of the space. Flooring and countertops should be durable and low maintenance, as spillage is inevitable. Tiles he timber floorboards and polished concrete all make for flooring options, with each offering a unique aesthetic benefit.

Kitchen and bathroom design ideas for your home
House Magazine

Benchtops can be a visual feature and. as such ahardwearing but attractive material should be chose. Natural or composite stone, granite, laminex, or even well-treated timber can create an attractive and functional workspace.

Most importantly, your kitchen should reflect something of you and your family. The most successful designs the ones thet best reverberate with the lifestyles and personalities of the homeowners. Design for ease of durability and aesthetic cohesion.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where the meals are created – it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families all over the world. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. Some tend to agree while others not so much. Where do you stand on this?


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