John Spencer Specialist Joinery and Cabinet Makers

John Spencer Specialist Joinery and Cabinet Makers

John Spencer Specialist Joinery and Cabinet Makers

Above Simple, clean-lined design are often the most complex to execute because there is zero tolerance for error. We created burnished white lacquer kitchen cabinet with a highly polished, reflective surface for a sleek appereance.

Facing Page: Proven construction techniquesbcoupled with high technology take joinery and cabinet making to a whole new level inspirid by the arr deco period. We created bleched ash chevron panelling for clean, contemporary look in the double height space, vaneer wood precision cut on the diagona and applied in the traditional pattern.

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ABOUT US John Spencer Specialist Joinery and Cabinet Makers

‘John Spencer’ has been established since January 1979 and during that time we have gained an evaluable reputation in the field of architectural joinery and cabinet making.

Our commissions range from private homes to large corporations, single pieces of bespoke furniture to complete office suits and retail interiors. Over the years we have developed excellent working relationships with architects, designs and associated professionals.

At John Spencer we spend time advising and consulting with our clients in order to achieve the exact specifications they desire. We also offer an excellent setting out facility which enables the complete construction details to be seen before work commences. This is naturally of great help to the designer and more importantly you, the client.

Our workforce is a long established and close knit team, enabling us to handle the smallest to the largest enquiry in the same helpful and efficient manner.

‘John Spencer’ is the long standing partnership between Leslie Benson and Alec Murphy who have evolved from a small partnership into a small joinery manufacturer to large joinery commissions and main contractors. John Spencer Joinery has developed a wide knowledge base driven by clients seeking a high quality service and care. We produce standalone projects ranging from kitchens to panelling to fine furniture.

We give the same attention to detail when making a skirting board as we do to with a cabinet or fine dining table, the construction must be detailed down to the finest degree and all the mouldings and other elements drawn up to size.

Our catalogue of achievements has an unrivalled reputation to supply clients with one off bespoke homes and furniture which is why we have been requested to refurbish prestigious properties in London and Europe.

These range from The Bolton’s Kensington & Chelsea, Eaton Sq Belgravia, Mount St Mayfair to Ave Atlàntico in Portugal, Cap Ferret France, Tokyo & Osaka Japan, Moscow Russia.


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Interior Design of House With Luxury 2018 Theme

Interior Design of House With Luxury 2018 Theme

Interior Design of House With Luxury 2018 Theme

Interior design of house is one of important things that must be considered when you are planning to build a house with an interesting design. Interior will become the soul of your house, you will find yourself drowning in serenity when you have good design.

One of ideas that you can try is luxury theme design. Make your interior design looks very expensive just by using carpet. Yes, carpet can make so much different on your interior. Indeed, this design is quite old, but the glorious never fade.

Interior Design of House With Luxury 2018 Theme

You may know it that our traditional culture always use carpet for tablecloths and luxury furniture, but you can change the culture and make carpet is one of the charms of interior design of house to make your interior design looks so glorious. It’s began from the golden age of classical ancient of Rome or all of Europe land that carpet become part of the interior of house.

In the era of the British Empire Kingdom, carpet is one of important things to welcome the guest. Then trend to welcome guests with luxurious red carpet has been known as a symbol of an honor to their guests and become trend of interior design of house till nowadays.

Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

Modern Style Apartment Tile Bathrooms Small Models Photos Bathroom Paint Colors Unique Kitchen Cabinet Doors Best Architecture Schools In Uk Color Wheel Designs Ideas Lara Hedberg Deam One Room Apartment Design Shapes Of Swimming Pools Pictures Of The Garden Tile For The Kitchen Loft Apartment Design Ideas Small Apartment Decorating Tips Cat Bookcase Girls Bedroom Decoration.

In fact, Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates all the way back to the 1740s. This era boasts gorgeous, ornate architectural designs that current homeowner’s want to replicate, for good reason.

The Gothic-revival movement is full of amazing, ornate and elegant details that can be created in your own home today. If you desire a home that is well-decorated with opulent details and decorative patterns, then read these 10 tips to achieve a Victorian Gothic-inspired home today.



Drapery Styles to Choose

Now that we know what fabrics to choose for our draperies, we have to choose the style of the actual drapery design. Draperies in the 1700s were both functional and decorative. The main purpose of a curtain panel was to stop drafts from coming into these less-than-airtight ancient homes.

In order to hold back the chill, long, heavy curtain panels were layered over all the windows, and over a lot of doorways. Even though your modern home is probably air-tight, when designing your draperies, you should consider using long, heavy drapery panels over all your windows (and some doors to achieve an authentic feel). Consider using this drapery style as a room divider, as well.  For example, drape an elegant curtain panel to glamorously frame the doorway of a dining room.

Draperies should also be adorned with opulent tassels, tiebacks and fringe. These embellishments add another layer of drama to your decor, helping to achieve an opulent Victorian Gothic home.

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