A Landmark Exhibition Architecture Without Architects

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A Landmark Exhibition Architecture Without Architects.

in November 1964 in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the arhitect, engineer, critiv, and historian Bernard Rudofsky had organized a landmark exhibition Architecture without Architects.

The catalog for which is today extremely hard to come by Rudofsky focused on a number of bulidings without architects over a few centuries on vernacular Architecture bath spontaneous and skillful.

Though its time had not yet come, the exibition and its catalog present astriking panorama of nomodic structures, troglodytic dwellings houseson pilotis and arcaded cities and villages. including a glossary of natural and local materials (wood, bamboo, plant, matter, earth, pise, etc).

The analyze systems of natural vertilation and effects of light and shade, drawup a kind of map of contrivances and of making do. Of chance and necessity, focusing on ultralight dwellings in Japan (the result of its frequent earthquakes). on the cliff dwellings of the Dogon in Mali and the Hopi in New Mexico. Describing underground cities in north-ern China that burrow thorough the loess and provide home for some 10 million people. In short, it embarked an a journey without end a voyage through a strikingly premonitory post.

At a time when the world is experiencing energy crisis, when the planet is dangerously heating, and when the population explotion it a frightening increase in urban squalor has become an urgent necessity.

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