How to Make a Child Friendly Home

How to Make a Child Friendly Home

Home is one of the main human needs in addition to food and clothing. Home is where we gather with family, spend our days, and a place to rest from the weary of our work activity. Everyone must have their dream home. There are like a small house with a spacious yard, some like a bright minimalist house, there is also a fond of a house that looks luxurious and glamorous five-star hotel. But did we know that arranging a house is not enough just to put the furniture and decorations beautiful.

A beautiful house is everyone’s dream, but far more important than that is a function that becomes our main consideration in arranging a house. When I graduated from university, I was a very idealistic designer. All my designs should look beautiful and fit my taste. After several years working in the world of interior design, then I realized that is not the rule of the game. Every family has needs that are far different from each other. Therefore, the design must be based on the needs of the owner of the house.

I myself have just renovated the house, because after having a child I just realized that the house that initially seemed comfortable and sufficient for me both with my husband was not enough again after the presence of the baby in the midst of our small family. I do my best to create a safe and comfortable home for children. Although this time my child is still a baby, but in this house my child will grow and learn. While living a new life as a mother, I find there are many things to watch out for in arranging a safe and comfortable home for children.

So what kind of home is friendly for children?

1. Use materials that are easy to clean

For a wall, for example, use a coating paint that is easy to clean (washable). Drawing is part of learning in child growth. Unfortunately for small children, all sorts of fields could be their exploration media and of course the walls of our homes did not escape from their creative hands. Therefore, easy to clean wall paint should be our main choice to paint the house, especially the most frequent areas where children play. As for the furniture select also that can be opened and washed, for example a sofa with a glove that can be removed.

2. Choose functional furniture

For parents who have children, functional furniture is very important. It is undeniable that having children means an increase in the number of items we should be able to keep. Baby supplies, cutlery, toys and other equipment of course must be stored maximally because if not our house would look messy. Therefore of course it would be helpful if we have a sofa that can store our children’s items that are no longer used for example.

3. Choose furniture that is heavy and stick on the wall

With children who will certainly run around in our house, make sure we do not put the furniture in the center of the room as much as possible. Furniture attached to the wall will make the space in our homes more spacious. Heavy furniture here means that avoid furniture that has a frail appearance with long legs to reduce the risk of tripping.

4. Choose furniture that is made from soft and not sharp

As much as possible avoid furniture with sharp edges to reduce the risk of children knocked. If possible, use upholstered furniture for coffee table for example. Without the sharp edges of course we will be more calm to see our children play in the house without fear of injury.

In addition to some of the above criteria, the selection of furniture again tailored to the needs of each. So in fact to design the house or space we can do yourself because the most know our needs in the house is our own. Provided that we can carefully choose the right furniture for our needs then our dream home is no longer just a dream.