Modern Home Look With Natural Stone Design Ideas

Modern Home Look With Natural Stone Design Ideas 2018

This house is built on a land measuring 6 m x 12 m. There are 3 things that make this house interesting. First, the game of natural stone that is installed dominantly on the facade makes this house look sturdy and elegant, but the fasade still gives a natural feel that is very thick.

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Second, the box-shaped and vertically mounted and horizontal can provide a dynamic impression when combined with natural stone ornaments that dominate the facade. And the third is the use of large glass windows capable of balancing the natural look of natural and modern stone. So the house looks perfect.

Although small, but still looks great, because the house is designed with a high size. Suitable in the village


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Wooden furniture in eco style

Modern furniture design uses various types of wood, from exotic teak and mahogany to luxurious cherry, hard oak and soft pine. Wooden furniture pieces feature unique appearances that compliment classic interior decorating, modern or traditional rooms and contemporary homes.

Wooden furniture design celebrates the distinctive characteristics of wood, – warm and easy to be crafted, allowing to enrich interior decorating with creative shapes and attractive decoration patterns.


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