Wooden House 140 Square Meters Ideal for Families with Toddlers!

Wooden House 140 Square Meters Ideal for Families with Toddlers!

Wooden House 140 Square Meters Ideal for Families with Toddlers!

This homly idea book will be introducing an economical model for wooden home fans. A house made by a Chile-based company is famous for the beauty of the wooden house it produces and we will introduce one of the company’s most popular designs with details and details of a 140-square-meter wooden house. Your choice can also increase with the nature of the roof and insulation preference.

simple wooden home design ideas

Wooden houses can be evaluated as a modular home class as a classroom building. The modular house is known as a building consisting of pieces like lego, the main material is produced in the factory and can be moved into residential areas.

The modular structure has many advantages over the battens, and there is almost no shortage. Modular construction, such as traditional architecture, is produced according to user demand. All techniques applicable to reinforced concrete can be applied to cases such as heat and sound insulation. The construction is quite ecological because it extracts minimum construction waste and does not require water. They can be built and built very quickly. You need to know more about this modular wood construction, which saves 30% of the construction, 70% of energy and 60% of building materials.

Because wooden houses have much lighter structures than concrete, the seismic load is very small and the risk of dismantling is very low. Age of reinforced concrete houses known as 50-60 years old, wooden houses have a very long life that can reach up to 80 years. The house made of wood is healthy and economical like nature. In addition, timber construction can be constructed for less than half the water and energy consumed during the construction of reinforced concrete buildings, so that ecological materials can be updated and easy to recycle as they can be renewed.

Wooden houses, which offer an important measure of environmental pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, also have excellent insulating properties. They can save energy and therefore rank first in the category of sustainable buildings. The wooden structure, also known as the breathing wall, also has features such as moisture retention and air filtration. In short, it is an ecological, economical, healthy and natural system.

Wood materials have an important role in almost every style because of their natural appearance. Especially in country / rural, scandinavian, mediterranean and industrial style, wood raw materials are often used. The wooden house we show offers a beautiful backdrop for this style because it has a wooden ceiling structure, wooden poles and walls. It’s possible you’ll find dozens of different wooden house models in concepts like chalets, farmhouses, highland homes, country houses.

The interior of this beautiful wooden house also has a very fishing structure for homeowners to be creative in decoration. Toddlers who love to explore will love this house because they are free to look outdoors even when the weather is not support to play outside.

Wooden house with large window glass is one of the features to enjoy the garden, an ideal place to relieve tension after a day’s work. This house provides a private space where the host can work, spend time with family, feed the animals he wants comfortably, and always come out and get some fresh air.


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