Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

Victorian Gothic Wallpaper Design Ideas Collection

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In fact, Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates all the way back to the 1740s. This era boasts gorgeous, ornate architectural designs that current homeowner’s want to replicate, for good reason.

The Gothic-revival movement is full of amazing, ornate and elegant details that can be created in your own home today. If you desire a home that is well-decorated with opulent details and decorative patterns, then read these 10 tips to achieve a Victorian Gothic-inspired home today.



Drapery Styles to Choose

Now that we know what fabrics to choose for our draperies, we have to choose the style of the actual drapery design. Draperies in the 1700s were both functional and decorative. The main purpose of a curtain panel was to stop drafts from coming into these less-than-airtight ancient homes.

In order to hold back the chill, long, heavy curtain panels were layered over all the windows, and over a lot of doorways. Even though your modern home is probably air-tight, when designing your draperies, you should consider using long, heavy drapery panels over all your windows (and some doors to achieve an authentic feel). Consider using this drapery style as a room divider, as well.  For example, drape an elegant curtain panel to glamorously frame the doorway of a dining room.

Draperies should also be adorned with opulent tassels, tiebacks and fringe. These embellishments add another layer of drama to your decor, helping to achieve an opulent Victorian Gothic home.

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